Blood Sugar Chart: Target Levels

A blood glucose or blood sugar chart classifies the ideal blood sugar levels throughout the day, including before and after meals. Blood sugar charts help those with diabetes self-monitor and calculate their blood sugar test results.

Monitoring blood sugar levels is a crucial part of managing diabetes.

Most of the blood sugar charts show recommended levels as a range, allowing for differences among individual people.

The following blood sugar charts have been taken as a reference from The American Diabetes Association (ADA), Joslin Diabetes Center (JDC), and American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE).

Blood Sugar Test

Time of check

Blood sugar levels for those without diabetes

Target blood sugar levels for those with diabetes

Fasting (before breakfast) less than 100 mg/dL 80 – 130 mg/dL (ADA)
70-130 mg/dL (JDC)
less than 110 (AACE)
Before meals less than 110 mg/dL 70-130 mg/dL (JDC)
2 hrs. After meal
1-2 hrs. After meal
less than 140 mg/dL less than 180 mg/dL (ADA & JDC)
less than 140 (AACE)
Bedtime less than 120 mg/dL between 90 – 150 mg/dL (JDC)
A1C levels less than 5.7 percent less than 7 percent

Blood Sugar Meter Readings

Blood Sugar readings vary from person to person. A good blood sugar level for one person may be high or low for another.

Blood sugar level




Before meal 72 – 109 mg/dL 110 – 144 mg/dL 145 – 180 mg/dL
2 hours after meal 90 – 126 mg/dL 127 – 180 mg/dL 181 – 234 mg/dL

Gestational Diabetes Levels

For women suffering from gestational diabetes, the blood sugar recommendations are different from people with Type 1 and Type 2.

Time of check

Blood sugar level in mg/dL

Fasting or before breakfast 60 – 90 mg/dL
Before meals 60 – 90 mg/dL
1 hour after meal 100 – 120 mg/dL

People with high or low blood sugar should be worried.

Blood Sugar Levels

Fasting blood sugar level

Risk level and suggested action

50 mg/dL or less Dangerously low, seek medical attention
70 – 90 mg/dL Possibly too low, get sugar if experiencing symptoms of low blood sugar or see a doctor
90-120 mg/dL Normal range
120-160 mg/dL Medium, see a doctor
160 – 240 mg/dL Too high, work to lower blood sugar levels
240-300 mg/dL Too high, a sign of out of control diabetes, see a doctor
300 mg/dL or above Very high, seek immediate medical attention

Diabetes is becoming common amongst children and young adults. As a parent, you need to know the normal and acceptable range of blood sugar levels in children.

Age of Child (Years)

Before Meals


A1C Test

Under 6 years 100-180 mg/dl 110-200 mg/dl 7.5% – 8.5%
6 to 12 years 90-180 mg/dl 100-180 mg/dl Less than 8%
13 to 18 years 90-130 mg/dl 90-150 mg/dl Less than 7.5%

There is always a way to control and reduce blood sugar levels as long as the levels have not reached the critical stages.

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