Monthly Archives: November 2017

Some hormonal imbalances lead to the buildup of sugar in the blood which in medical terms is known as ‘GESTATIONAL DIABETES’. Feeling fat lasts for nine months but the joy of motherhood lasts for a lifetime. The period from conceiving till delivery is long and tedious for any mother as the body goes through various […]

This blog is about Type 2 Diabetes, their causes, symptoms, and management. In my earlier blog, I shared information on Type-1 diabetes. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that causes the sugar (glucose) in the blood to rise above the normal level. So far the medical experts have been unsuccessful in finding a cure for it. […]

A blood glucose or blood sugar chart classifies the ideal blood sugar levels throughout the day, including before and after meals. Blood sugar charts help those with diabetes self-monitor and calculate their blood sugar test results. Monitoring blood sugar levels is a crucial part of managing diabetes. Most of the blood sugar charts show recommended […]

Nearly one in every four adults over the age of 25 has a condition known as Prediabetes or diabetes. Prediabetes is also known as Borderline Diabetes. Prediabetes is a condition wherein your blood glucose levels are higher than normal but are not high enough to diagnose diabetes. It usually happens because of overweight issues and […]


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